How does Instaplan work?

Through clean code and a little bit of magic ;). We figured out a way to post to Instagram securely and without the need of an iPhone or Android device. How we exactly do it, is a secret. Sorry.

How do I signup?

Just go to this Page and sign up for Account. 🙂

Can I remove a Post after publishing?

Only in your Instagram Account. You cannot remove posts from the Instaplan panel.

How do I change my password?

While you are logged in, just go to the Profile tab in the right corner of your screen. There you can set a new Password.

How do I delete my Account?

Just delete your Instagram Accounts from the panel and your Account on Instaplan will be deleted after 1 month. If you bought a Pack, your Account will be alife for the time it is active + 1 month. If you want your Account to be deleted immediately, just send us an Email to info@instaplan.top and we will do the Rest.


Currently only with PayPal. We do not plan to add any other payment option soon.

Why do you need my Instagram Account information?

To post from your Account, we need to login to your Account. Theres sadly no other way around. But be sure: We keep your data safe. Your logins are encrypted so no one (even we can’t) can see your Instagram name or password.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is safe. Internet privacy is a huge thing and we take it very seriously. Your data is stored seperated from our server and your password is securely hashed, so even if someone would successful steal our databases, he will be not able to get your account.

Who are you guys?

A group of Marketeers who had an idea. That idea is Instaplan.

Can Instagram ban me for using your service?

We won’t lie to you: Yes, Instagram CAN ban you for using our service. Instagram does not want scheduled posts, because this might make Instagram a Plattform full of spam. We understand this. We hate spam too. But we also need the possibility, to do Instagram more efficiently.

Just remember these things so you will be safe.

Instagram has detected suspicious activities.

This might happen when we log-in the first time to your Account or when you are overusing our service. Verify in your Account that this was you and slow down your scheduling and you should be safe.

I want my money back.

You had long enough time to test our service. We don’t do any refunds. If you wan’t to stop with Instaplan, wait for your plan to end or send us an email through the contact formular with your eMail. We will than delete your Account. Thank you for your understanding.

Instagram banned me.

We are sorry for that. This can happen. We have no influence on Instagram.

What about proxys?

Currently, there is no option to use proxys, sorry. But we will implement Proxys in the near future. If you do not want to use our service without proxys for your Account, than follow us on our social media channels to stay informed when we introduce proxys. Thank you for your patience.